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Hi! I'm Brennan McCracken, a student, writer and music obsessive from Halifax. I like good songs, cats, the radio and the trombone. This is my blog.

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Bring Me Your Loves: Why St. Vincent's Halifax Show is So Important 


Low - “Sunflower”

Over the past few days I’ve been digging through Low’s dense discography in anticipation of their set at this year’s OBEY Convention, revisiting some previous favourites ("Just Make It Stop"; "Try To Sleep") and discovering some new ones ("Canada"; "In Metal"). I’ve always considered Low to be a pleasant band, but I don’t think I’d ever realized how powerful their slow-burning, elemental take on indie rock can be. When they’re at their peak - as they are on “Sunflower,” a favourite of mine - Alan and Mimi are absolutely mesmerizing. 


We reflect on Nap Eyes’ debut album, Whine of the Mystic.

I case you missed it earlier this week, here’s my reflection on the new Nap Eyes album Whine of the Mystic.

OBEY Convention has consistently been one of the most diverse and well-curated festivals in Canada, and their seventh installment is shaping up to be their best yet. I couldn’t be more thrilled about all of the amazing art and music set to take over Halifax this spring, igniting a spark within the city’s creative heart and celebrating its constant expression. Here are some of the artists that I’m most excited about seeing: 

  • Julianna Barwick, creator of one of my absolute favourite records from last year; 
  • Minimal indie rock veterans Low;
  • Poetic Halifax janglers Nap Eyes
  • Notoriously noisy Montreal sound artist Tim Hecker
  • Special Costello, a local bass and drum duo and masters of glam freakouts; 
  • and Crystal Dorval’s glowing experimental pop project White Poppy

Maybe I’ll see you there? 

More information regarding the festival’s history, this year’s artists and pass sales is available from the OBEY website


We reflect on Each Other’s debut album, Being Elastic.

I’m very happy with a) how this reflection turned out and b) how awesome this record is. Read/listen if you’d like! 

Cousins - “Mess”

I loved their 2012 debut, but I have a feeling that Cousins’ forthcoming full length The Halls of Wickwire will be even better. “Mess” is another positive step in the band’s evolution from upstart garage band to local indie rock powerhouse - Aaron Mangle’s unmistakable, pretty vocals combine with the band’s crunchy instrumentals to form an elegant mix of force and beauty. 

Making Spaces

Since October, I’ve been co-leading a group of students at my school, working on a project that we’ve called Making Spaces. We aim to address diversity and accessibility-related issues faced by artists from underrepresented minorities through discussion, advocacy and action. In addition to hosting an ongoing presentation series (giving local artists and musicians the chance to speak with students about the problems that they face in their creative work) we’re in the initial stages of planning an event for the end of the semester to cap off and celebrate the work that we’ve been doing. The show will feature a wide range of art and music from local artists, with emphasis on those who come from an underrepresented or marginalized group, background or genre. We don’t want to trivialize these genres or backgrounds; instead, we aim to create a safe, accessible space that encourages discovery of new perspectives and acts as a model for inclusiveness in these creative fields. Accessibility in art and music is something that I am personally very passionate about, so it is an amazing feeling to be able to (temporarily) create the sort of space that I wish existed in this city. The show is set to take place on Saturday, June 14th at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, and it will be accessible to all ages. 

But, we can’t put on a show without art to showcase! To ensure that we support as diverse of a range of genres and perspectives as possible, we’ve put out an open call for submissions for anyone interested in being a part of this event. The submission form can be found here, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass it along to anyone who might be curious. If you’re interested about talking about this (or anything else!) I’m always available via email/gchat: brennanm21(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Sorry for the hasty post and thank you all for sticking around! 


Come celebrate the launch of Wyrd Distro with us on February 15th! I’ll be at the Halifax gathering, so if you’re around and want to fete the debut of this amazing service, please come say hi! 

If you’re interested: more information about the cross-Canada launch parties can be found here and more information about Wyrd Distro can be found here

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