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We reflect on Alvvays’ self-titled debut album.

I fear that writing too much about exactly why I love this album so much will risk ruining the sense of discovery for someone else, so I will simply leave you with this: there is no relief, no emotional progression or escape on this record. Just thirty-three minutes of (sub)urban ennui, romantic dissatisfaction and stunning, knotty lyrics set against a ridiculously catchy backdrop of guitar-pop. Musically, these songs are perfect fodder for highway driving and rolled windows; lyrically, they inhabit darker, lonelier rooms. This is the sound of receiving a bouquet of flowers to eventually pick petals and end up with “he loves me not,” the sound of being surrounded by a group of loved ones and yet feeling completely alone. For me, this is the sound of summer: fun, sad, too good to be true.”

This album is so good you guys.  

TOPS - “Way to be Loved”

Choice quotes from Alvvays’ self-titled debut

It’s my favourite album this summer: nine simple, imperfect tableaux of ambivalent love set against some of the best guitar music I’ve heard all year. Irresistible, catchy and endlessly quotable, like Taylor Swift’s best moments shifted just slightly out of focus.

  • "Is it a good time / or is it highly inappropriate?" 
  • "If I should fall / act as though it never happened" 
  • "You’ve expressed explicitly / your contempt for matrimony" 
  • "So honey, take me by the hand and we can sign some papers / forget the invitations, floral arrangements and breadmakers" 
  • "Too late to go out / too young to stay in" 
  • "If I’d known you couldn’t swim / we would never have gone in"
  • "The sun so hot I saw his skin through his t shirt / the grass so tall we knew we wouldn’t be found" 
  • "Forget all the party police / we can find comfort in debauchery" 
  • "When every day’s a hurricane / you know there’s something wrong"
  • "We wrote our names on the overpass / in hope they’d last forever"
  • "We never get it on the first try / so what, who cares?"
  • "How can I lose control / when you’re driving from the backseat?"

An aside:

"War On The East Coast" is such a Dan Bejar song title. 

The New Pornographers - “War On The East Coast” 

This might just be my favourite Dan Bejar-penned New Pornographers song since “Myriad Harbour.” So good!


On Alvvays’ debut album, the Toronto band’s beach-pop seems to come straight from the California shore.

Stream Alvvays from NPR Music’s First Listen


St. Vincent awes Jazz Fest 

Ten minutes before St. Vincent’s wildly anticipated Halifax Jazz Festival appearance on Monday night, announcements encouraging fans to clear the venue’s aisles to satisfy fire code went essentially unheard (to the apparent chagrin of the fire marshal). Not surprising. When St. Vincent is in town, safety regulations be damned—Annie Clark brought her effervescent mind-bend of a show to Halifax, and a conglomerate of indie bros and jazz festival patrons alike wanted to press themselves as close as possible to her blinding musical beacon. This was important.

Clark has reached the point in her career where a 14-song headlining set isn’t enough to cover all of her hits, let alone mine the depths of her dense discography. Her 80-minute Halifax set ran perhaps a touch short, especially considering the lack of a proper encore. Did it matter though? Of course not. While there were no unenjoyable moments in the show, Clark’s mid-set knockout of “Surgeon,” “Cheerleader” and “Prince Johnny” provided an especially thrilling showcase of musicianship. With every lash at her strings, flick of her eyes and curl of her tongue, Clark had the entire crowd eating straight out of her hands—exactly where she wanted us. Halifax, we are so lucky.

I wrote about St. Vincent’s life-changing (I’m not even exaggerating) set at the Halifax Jazz Festival for my local alt weekly The Coast! I’m their intern for the rest of the summer, so I hope to have lots more to write in the coming weeks. 

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Beach House // 10 Mile Stereo

It can’t be gone, we’re still right here
It took so long, can’t say we saw it all
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell
Bright pyramids at night
they carry us on forever

(via alexander-grey)

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